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Song: Guan Pear Shaped Vase
Song Dynasty Guan Vase



A Song Dynasty Guan Ware Vase with two ribs on the neck and one at the shoulders. The three sesame like spots on the underbase, crackling, and colour of the vase indicates a Song Dynasty origin


The luxurious styles of the Tang Dynasty were no longer accepted in society as the Chinese art admirers began to have its own renaissance by looking back and and taking from the simplistic styles and colours. The Ru or Guan ware, often interchangeable, reflected a philosophy of Confucian thought which disliked wasteful consumption. Hence, Guan ware such as this vase were created at the kiln with a very simplistic yet beautiful sky blue colour.  

Reference pieces to study

Guan octagonal vase from the Museum of Oriental Ceramics in Osaka.. 


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